Split, convert, and allocate KDP and Lightning Source book royalties to authors without breaking a sweat.

If you’re currently spending more than two hours processing your book royalties, read on as we are about to change your life!

Process royalty runs quickly and accurately

Save tons of time with royalty runs that go from days to minutes. Seriously. No more wrestling with data in Excel, just upload your sales files and let Royalties HQ do the work for you.

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Easy to use, nothing to install

Royalties HQ is intuitive, web-based software, accessible wherever you have an internet connection. Built by book publishers, it ‘just works’.

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Works with KDP and Lightning Source

Upload your KDP and Lightning Source sales report files, add your titles and rights holders (authors), and let Royalties HQ do the rest. Support for more sales import types is coming soon!

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Spot mistakes before they happen

Royalties HQ helps you spot mistakes before they happen. Avoid missing titles, missing authors, or titles with missing ownership. Say goodbye to wrestling with complex spreadsheets and anxiety about lost data. Say hello to peace of mind.

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Automatically convert currencies

Just enter the publisher compensation you receive from KDP and Lightning Source, and Royalties HQ automatically converts each sales line to your currency.

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Works with titles of different royalty period length

Royalties HQ has you covered whether you report royalties monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, or annually – or a mix across different titles. Easy.

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Send royalty statements direct to authors

Royalties HQ generates a clear PDF royalty statement for each author. You can email statements from within Royalties HQ direct to your rights holders in just one click, in bulk or individually.

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We even make it easier to pay authors

For each royalty run, download a CSV of all rights holder bills for importing into your accounting software, ready to be paid as part of your normal pay run.

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