Royalties made easy

Royalties HQ helps you process royalties quickly, easily, and accurately

Split, convert, and allocate royalties without breaking a sweat

Royalties HQ offers a suite of features including tiered royalties, advances, one-click royalty statement generation, automatic error-checking, and custom sales imports.

Designed for independent book publishers, Royalties HQ royalties management software is ideal for any industry requiring dependable splitting and allocation of gross royalties to rights holders.

Sounds good? Read on…

Process royalty runs quickly and accurately

Save time and hassle with royalty runs that complete in under a day.

No more wrestling with mapping data, just upload your sales files and let Royalties HQ do the work for you.

Royalties on net receipts or list price

Royalties HQ supports royalties based on net receipts, list price of each sale, or list price minus the discount.

Easy to use, nothing to install

Royalties HQ is intuitive, web-based software, accessible wherever you have an internet connection. Built by book publishers, it ‘just works’.

All royalties supported

Royalties HQ was designed to work with book royalties, but it can handle royalties from any sales sources and any product type: books, ebooks, audiobooks, intellectual property, digital assets – any sales can be managed by Royalties HQ.

Upload your royalties data from any source via CSV/Excel upload.


Create advances for single titles, single title formats (e.g. an ebook format of a title), or groups of titles. Earned royalties for relevant ISBNs pay off advances first.


Tiered royalties

Each rights holder can be given multiple percentage ownership tiers based on their royalties earned for an ISBN.

For example, a rights holder may earn a lower percentage for the first tier for ebook sales, then a higher percentage in the second tier. Tier breakpoints can be set by units sold, or the ISBN’s total net receipts.


Spot mistakes before they happen

Royalties HQ helps you to avoid errors.

Say goodbye to wrestling with complex spreadsheets and anxiety about missing data. Say hello to peace of mind.

One-click royalty statements

Generate a clear royalty statement PDF for all rights holders, in one click.

And just one more click to email those statements direct to all rights holders in a royalty run.

And there’s more…

Automatic currency conversion

For sales made in other currencies, enter the publisher compensation you receive and Royalties HQ automatically converts each sales line to your currency.

Royalty period length options

Royalties HQ has you covered whether you report royalties monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, or annually – or a mix.

Simplify your accounting and payments

For each royalty run, download a CSV of all rights holder bills for importing into your accounting software, ready to be paid as part of your normal pay run. You can even use Royalties HQ to track who has been paid.

  • A modern, easy-to-use interface.
  • Invite as many team users as you need.
  • Single or multiple rights holders per title (per format, e.g. ebook).
  • Supports all intellectual property and royalty types via custom imports.
    • Optionally withhold royalties from individual authors/rights holders.
    • Set a minimum payout amount. Lower amounts rollover.
    • Download bills as CSV to import into your accounting software.

    No long-term contract

    We want you to love Royalties HQ. And we will work to make it the best royalty management solution for you. However, if it’s not right for you, you can cancel at any time – no hassle and no tie-ins. We even make it easy to take your data with you; export all your titles, rights holders, percentage ownership, bills in CSV format, and download all your PDF royalty statements. Easy! 

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