We love books, but…

Books are great! Processing royalties? …not so much.

Royalties HQ was created to solve a real problem we encountered, publishing hundreds of books for hundreds of authors.

Over time, as the number of titles and clients grew, so did the hassle in producing quarterly royalty reports. Handling multiple sales files. Splitting royalties. Converting currencies. Excel hell. Ugh.

We looked at the available options and, after seeing the prices of existing software which seemed designed more for large publishing firms, we decided to build our own. The result is Royalties HQ, designed especially for small to medium-sized publishing companies that need a reliable, quick, and easy-to-use solution for splitting aggregate publisher royalties and processing royalties for authors and other rights holders.

As a book publisher, we use Royalties HQ ourselves, and it has transformed our royalties processes. A process that was taking up to two days a quarter, is now done in under two hours. And that includes sending PDF royalty statements to rights holders, and paying those rights holders too!

If you are interested in trying Royalties HQ then we would love to hear from you. Sign up to our waiting list and we will soon invite you to try Royalties HQ yourself.

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