As easy as 1-2-3

Royalties HQ lets you process your Amazon KDP and Lightning Source book royalties quickly and easily.
This page shows you more detail about how it all works.

First, set up the basics

Your business info

Configure your business information, plus settings such as your currency.

Add your titles and authors

Upload your titles and authors (rights holders) quickly and easily in bulk using CSV upload.

Invite your team

Invite as many users as you need to join your team.

Then, create a royalty run in just a few minutes

  1. Add your sales reports

Upload your Amazon KDP and Lightning Source sales reports, no editing required. Royalties HQ imports the sales lines to batches.

  1. Enter gross royalties received

Enter the gross royalties you received for each batch, in your own currency. No currency conversion needed.

  1. Create a royalty run

Royalties HQ allocates royalties to rights holders based on the percentage royalty share ownership for each title. Any missing or invalid data is checked automatically.

  1. Send royalty statements

In one click, email a detailed PDF royalty statement to each rights holder.

  1. Create bills

Create a download of bills data in CSV format, one bill per rights holder, for importing into your accounting software.

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There’s more …

  • Supports print-on-demand books and Kindle ebooks.
  • Single or multiple rightsholders per title.
  • Use ISBN or ASIN as IDs for each title.
  • Track which bills have been paid.
  • Optionally withhold royalties from individual authors/rights holders.
  • The bills CSV download imports straight into Xero, and can easily be adapted for importing into other accounting software.
  • A modern, easy-to-use interface.
  • More sales import formats are being added.
  • Royalties HQ is actively developed by a dedicated team with over a decade of book publishing experience.

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